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Audible Indicators


Display several colours with just one indicator and have audible warning as well. Choice of steady audible warning, pulsed or loud steady audible warning. You also get the benefit of bright LED technology.

They provide a neat, reliable and clever solution by delivering audible and visual information clearly and instantly from a single point.


• Completely self-contained operation—no controller
• Extremely long-lasting LED technology over 100,000 hours (11 years continuous) working life
• Very low power consumption: <1W for most DC models, <2W for AC models—compared to up to 15W
• Ergonomic, lean shape that sheds debris and moisture
• No hook hazards for moving equipment and personnel
• Robust IP67/IP69K-rated, water- and oil-tight industrial housings for direct machine mounting
• Rugged, compact design that is cost-effective and easy-to-install
• Shock, vibration and impact resistant

Choice of Colours (Within One Indicator!)

Choice of Styles

Housing Style
Functions Steady ON / Flashing ON-OFF / Alternating 3, 4 or 5 Colours
Description 50mm dome light in 80mm surface-mount housing 50mm dome light for direct mounting, bracketed or pole-top mounting
Max number of colours 4 4
Standard Colours
Sound Level Steady (75dB)
Loud Steady (95dB)
Pulsed (75dB)
Steady (75dB)
Loud Steady (95dB)
Pulsed (75dB)
Power 18 to 30Vdc 18 to 30Vdc
Input dc: PNP or NPN dc: PNP or NPN
Connection Integral plug, pigtail with plug or terminals Integral plug, pigtail with plug or attached cable
Mounting Flat or DIN Mounting 30mm threaded base

Part Numbers

Wiring Diagrams

Brackets & Standoffs