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Explosion Protected Machine Safety

Totally new in concept, the Pico-Gard Machine Safety System utilises light beams travelling through optic fibres to form circuits instead of the usual electrical circuits. This results in a very simple-to-install system with many advantages over the conventional approach.
In addition, using only a light beam, these circuits may be used in hazardous areas with the controller being kept in a Zone 2 or safe area, thus providing Safety Category 4, per ISO 13849 (EN 954-1) and IEC 61496-1 Type 4 requirements, using a single switch point for each door. This is possible due to its patent pending, diverse-redundant, self-checking controller specifically designed to be used with plastic fibre-optic cable.

SAFE AREA                             HAZARDOUS AREA

This eliminates cumbersome armoured cables, conduits, bulky flameproof safety switches and explosionproof glands, the entire appearance of which, may also be in contrast to the appearance of the equipment installation.

Installation is incredibly simple; switches install instantly with cut-to-length plastic fibre-optic cable and snap-lock connectors. Multiple optical elements can be connected in series on a single optical channel, providing the ability to monitor several dangerous points with a single channel. Additional guarding points can easily be added at any time by inserting optical elements into an existing optical channel.


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