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Multicolour Indicators

More Compact than
stack- lights!

Now you can display several colours with just one indicator. You also get the benefit of bright LED technology and they come in a variety of styles and mounting arrangements. They must be seen to be appreciated and they provide a neat, reliable and clever solution by delivering operational information clearly and instantly from a single point.

• Completely self-contained operation—no controller
• Extremely long-lasting LED technology over 100,000
hours (11 years continuous) working life
• Very low power consumption: <1W for most DC models, <2W for AC models—compared to up to 15W
• Ergonomic, lean shape that sheds debris and moisture
• No hook hazards for moving equipment and personnel—unlike conventional stack lights
• Robust IP67/IP69K-rated, water- and oil-tight industrial housings for direct machine mounting
• Rugged, compact design that is cost-effective and easy-to-install
• Shock, vibration and impact resistant
• Compatibility with AS-i modules and fieldbus splitter boxes

Choice of Colours (Within One Indicator!)

Choice of Styles

Large Indicators

Medium Indicators

Small Indicators

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