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Sensor Connectivity 

Connectors complete with cables (cordsets) give a quick, sure connection with a high degree of protection from water and free from wiring errors. Check the sensor size (M8, M12 etc) before ordering.

Extension cordsets (cable with plug and socket on either end), often provide a fast solution where more cable length is required

Plug-in junction boxes allow up to 8 sensors or other signals to be securely wired in seconds to a rugged junction box with a multicore supply cable which also returns the switched signals. These are the preferred solution to many machine builders especially where equipment is operating under adverse conditions.

Field-wireable connectors allow on-site connections to be made to all the standard connector sizes.

M8 Cordsets Connector On One End

M8 Extension Cordsets Connectors on Both Ends

M12 Cordsets Connector on One End

M12 Extension Cordsets Connectors on Both Ends

Ethernet Cordsets

Plug-In Junction Boxes

M23 Feed Cordsets for Plug-In J/Bs

M12 I/O Cordsets for J/Bs

M8 Field Wireable Connectors

M12 Field Wireable Connectors

7/8" Field Wireable Connectors

Ethernet Field Wireable Connectors

Y Splitters


Sensor Wiring Diagrams

Sensor Dimension Drawings