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Audible Indicator Lights 

Rugged, cost-effective and easy-to-install indicators available in K50 or K80 housing style with steady or pulsed sound indication
Two decibel levels with steady or pulsed tone
Illuminated dome provides a big, easy-to-see green, red or yellow job light
Compact devices are completely self-contained no controller needed
Choose NPN or PNP input, depending on model
Immune to EMI and RFI interference
18 to 30V dc operation

EZ Status Indication Lights

Displays the status of remote or inaccessible sensors

Compact units replace cumbersome post or stack lights

Available in 2 to 5 colours

Available in straight, right-angle and dome-shaped housings

Eliminates bulb replacement with long-lasting LEDs

Compatible with PLC or other logic-level control outputs



Ford Motor works in Cologne used over 400 different sensors from various manufacturers. Ford additionally maintained extensive inventories of standard devices and non-official stocks in drawers and shelves. Ford settled for 6 different Uprox+ sensors to replace all the sensor variants used.

New Factor 1 Inductive Sensors

"Everything that can be invented, has been  invented". So said Charles Duell, Director of the U.S. Patent Office in 1899! One might think the same about the inductive proximity sensor. It has remained virtually the same since it's invention over a century ago.

With a complete departure from the traditional ferrite core, the new Uprox+ Sensors offer many advantages over the old design. One of the primary advantages is the achievement of Factor 1 sensing i.e. the ability to sense all metals equally. Ferrite core sensors are rated by their ability to sense a mild steel target but suffer huge loss of sensitivity when detecting other metals.

A newly patented multicoil system for the Uprox+ product line replaces the conventional wound coil system used in the previous generation of sensors. This results in extraordinary sensing distances (up to 250 percent higher than conventional ferrite core inductive sensors) in a Factor 1 sensor.  Due to the unique design, they give the flexibility to incorporate this technology in several new housings that solve a number of unique customer applications. All Uprox+ sensors have an environmental rating of IP 68 are weld-field immune, provide an extended temperature range and offer highest levels of EMC.

The ability to lay the coils flat results in a totally new sensor which can replace a ring sensor and is far simpler to install or replace.


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Multibarriers for Foundation Fieldbus & Profibus PA  

With Foundation Fieldbus and Profibus-PA fieldbus systems, many applications require Zone 1 installation. The use of  Multibarriers allows the use of a bus segment for the explosion hazardous area with the same segment structures as in the non intrinsically-safe area , without the danger of potential transfers. The supply of energy to the physical layer is implemented in the non-explosion hazardous area in the control room. The segment cable is subject to the regulations governing enhanced safety (Exe). Junction boxes (multibarriers) can now be connected to this bus cable, which subdivide the Exe cable into 4 Exi trunk lines. As a result, it is possible to supply energy for segments designed for longer distances.

New Fieldbus Displays

These bus powered instruments, which can display up to eight fieldbus process variables on a 86 x 45mm screen, are available for use with Fieldbus Foundation or Profibus PA systems. One, two or four fieldbus variables may be displayed at the same time, together with units of measurement and tag information. The operator can select the displayed screen via the front panel push-buttons, or these buttons may be disabled.
By writing to the transducer block parameters, text and simple graphics can also be displayed. The push-buttons can then be used to return operator acknowledgements: if large industrial push-buttons are required for these operator inputs, external push-buttons or switches may be wired to the instrument. The two intrinsically safe models, which have ATEX, FM and IEC Ex certification, comply with the Fieldbus Intrinsically Safe Concept FISCO.