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Vision Sensor Inspection Tools

The following software tools are used for locating, measuring, analysing and deciding.
Depending on the the vision sensor chosen,  some or all of these tools are available.
Location Tools
Locate: Determines translation and rotation by detecting relative movement of edges

Pattern Find: Determines translation and rotation by detecting relative movement of a pattern

Vision Tools

Grey Scale. Determines the average grey scale value of an area.

Blob. Determines the presence, connectivity & location of selected features.

Edge. Determines the presence, number, classification and location of edges.

Object. Determines the presence, number, classification, size and location of objects.

Pattern Count. Determines the presence, number and location of a pattern(s).
Analysis Tools
Measure Tool. Measures distance between two points. These points can be edges, centroid locations or pattern centres.

Test Tool. Evaluates results of selected vision & analysis tools to determine if  pass or fail. Performs logical operations and activates outputs.

Communication Tool. Sends results of selected location, vision and analysis tools over the Ethernet or RS232 serial comms  ports.