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Wide variety of Lenses

The lens projects the image on the CCD or CMOS image chip. The most important parameter of a lens is focal distance. The focal distance determines ratio between the field of view and working distance. If the working distance in relation to the focal length of the lens is very short, spacers or extension tubes may be required to allow the lens to focus on the inspection target.

Standard Lenses

Low cost lenses for simple presence/absence detection
C-mount with 4 & 8 mm focal length for largest field of view
12 & 16 mm + focus locking & 60 mm min working distances
25 mm, 50 mm and 75 mm have focus locking and adjustable


High-Performance Lenses

Less image distortion
Greater depth of focus
Focus locking on all lenses
UV filter can be mounted on the lens


Megapixel Lenses

For megapixelsensors
Available with 8 mm, 12 mm, 16 mm,
25 mm and 50 mm focal distance
8 mm lens gives shortest field of view
50 mm lens gives least distortion


10 - 40mm Zoom Lenses

Allows adjusting the field of view
without moving the sensor
Zoom and focus locking
Adjustable aperture from closed to
Not for use in combination with a ring light


Before selecting read "How to Choose a Lens" Guide
P4 Lenses. Scroll down for P4 1.3 lenses