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Safety Switches

Rope Pull Switches

Available spans range from 6 to 100 m

Trip and latch switch models are available

Minimum switch life is 1-million operations

Heavy-duty switch housings withstand harsh environments

Switch activates if the rope is pulled, becomes loose or breaks

Positive opening safety contacts (IEC 60947-5-1)

Monitoring Contacts


Models LM40
Models LS42 Models QM72 Models QM90
Rope span up to 6 meters Rope span up to 75 meters
Rope spans 6, 12 or 20 m

Rope span up to 100 m
with switch in centre

Model with E-stop button


Trip and latch models 

Latch design 

Latch design

Latch design 

Metal Housing & Actuator  High-Impact Thermoplastic Housing, Metal Actuator  Metal Housing & Actuator  Metal Housing & Actuator 

Tension indicator

Tension indicator