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Machine Safety-
Two-Hand Control

Two Hand Control is a method of Machine Safety where both Operator's hands must be in a safe place to operate a machine. In many cases Safety Category 4 per ISO 13849-1 (EN 954-1) is required and functional Type IIIC two-hand control in accordance with European Standard  EN 574. This may be achieved using Self-Checking Touch Buttons IN COMBINATION with the corresponding Control Module.

The Self-Checking STB Buttons feature redundant microprocessor and an optical path which is broken by inserting the finger. Covers avoid attempts to use another method of actuating and both buttons must be actuated simultaneously (within half a second) to avoid tampering.

To ensure reliability, control modules have a diverse-redundant microcontroller circuit and multiple redundant, force-guided (mechanically linked) output contacts.

Anti-tiedown logic requires that both touch buttons are activated within one-half second of each other.

Optional mute inputs allow release of actuating buttons during the non-hazardous portion of the machine cycle.