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Field-Wireable Connectors for Profibus DP  

These connectors allow the installer to use bulk cable to connect on site to various Profibus DP devices which have M12 and Sub-D connectors. They also allow cordsets to be shortened if required. They are available in male or female to suit cable sizes as shown and models available in a straight or right-angled design. All have metal housings providing signal shielding and speeds up to 12Mbps.


Designed for Profibus DP - All connectors are 5 pole, M12 and reverse-keyed (B Coded)


Type Ident No Gender Cable Ext. Dia Terminal Capacity Design Drawing
FW-M12KU5W-G-ME-SH-9 6604210 Female 7.0…9.0 mm 0.14...0.75 mm˛ Straight 1
FW-M12ST5W-G-ZF-ME-SH-9 6604211 Male 7.0…9.0 mm 0.14...0.75 mm˛ Straight 2
BMWS8251-8.5 6904723 Female 6.0…8.5 mm 0.14...0.75 mm˛ Angled 3
BMSWS8251-8.5 6904724 Male 6.0…8.5 mm 0.14...0.75 mm˛ Angled 4

Note: Reverse keyed connectors will not fit standard M12 connectors because the key is on the female and the keyway on the male, the reverse of the standard M12 design.


Male Contact Arrangement            Female Contact arrangement


1.        FW-M12KU5W-G-ME-SH-9   



2.        FW-M12ST5W-G-ZF-ME-SH-9   


3.        BMWS8251-8.5


4.        BMSWS8251-8.5