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Repeater for Profibus DP   

This is a rugged Profibus DP Repeater which enables connection of over 32 Profibus slaves thus expanding and segmenting Profibus DP networks. The GRP housing is shock and vibration tested and all electronics are encapsulated. The housing is rated IP67.Bus cables should be terminated at both ends with a Terminating Resistor to avoid signal reflection. These Bus Terminating Resistors are specifically designed for Profibus DP and both are 5 pole, reverse-keyed, IP67, with male connectors.

Profibus DP Repeater
Type Ident No Power Connector Size Segment Connector Size Fieldbus Transmission Rate
REP-DP 0002 6825354 7/8" M12 9.6kbps...12Mbps



              M12 Terminations                      7/8" Terminations