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Foundation Fieldbus





Profibus-DP Components 

PROFIBUS-DP operates as a master/slave system. It usually consists of a single Master (usually integrated in the PLC) and up to 31 slaves per segment. When the Master is running, it simply polls each slave in sequence. It is possible to have multiple masters on a network. The Masters then share the network by passing a token. PROFIBUS-DP uses an industrially proven physical layer based on RS-485. The system uses a shielded twisted pair cable which is extremely resistant to electrical interferences. PROFIBUS-DP accommodates a large number of I/O points which are easily connected to the bus using plug and play cordsets and rugged industrial I/O stations. With up to 126 addressable nodes, systems may have thousands of I/O points per network. The Master receives the information it requires about a slave device from a "GSD" file, which specifies all the necessary information including communication rates, I/O data size, etc.. GSD files are available for all the stations shown here. See bottom of page for a typical configuration.  Click HERE for more about Profibus from the Profibus website.

Panel Mounted I/O System
BL20 for Profibus-DP

 Field Mounted I/O System
BL67 for


Barrier - Segment Coupler

Profibus-DP I/O Stations

Profibus-DP Cable
in bulk


Profibus-DP Bus Tees

Profibus-DP 7/8" Cordsets
Cables (any length)
with Pre-Moulded Connectors


Profibus-DP M12 Cordsets
Cables (any length)
with Pre-Moulded Connectors


Profibus-DP Power Tees

Profibus-DP 7/8" Bus Connectors

Profibus-DP M12 Bus Connectors

Profibus-DP Terminating Resistors