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Foundation Fieldbus





Profibus-PA Components     

Profibus-PA (Process Automation) uses synchronous transfer mode technology, as defined in IEC 61158-2 standards, to communicate between field devices and the RS 485 backbone of  Profibus-DP. A Segment Coupler , or gateway is installed to bridge Profibus-DP with Profibus-PA. Otherwise, the protocols are identical, allowing transparent communication between general purpose automation systems and decentralized field devices. Profibus-PA is a master-slave bus. Transmitters used in the process industry are typically slave devices or passive stations which only communicate at the request of the master.

Profibus-PA operates on the voltage mode with a transmission speed of 31.25 kBit/s. In this way the data packages are modulated onto the supply voltage for the fieldbus station and transmitted via a special shielded two-wire cable. The bus physics offer fieldbus communication and power supply of the bus station using a single cable.

A Segment Coupler with an intrinsically-safe output is necessary for use in explosion-hazardous areas. This, however, reduces the output power and the number of connectable bus stations. This situation can be remedied by a topology which is based on the use of EExe (increased safety) main line (trunk line) and intrinsically safe outputs. This is where the Multibarrier is employed, permitting a current of up to 10 A in the trunk line area, and when connected in series, supplying up to 32 intrinsically safe stations in the hazardous area. More about Profibus from the Profibus website.

Profibus-PA Multibarrier

Profibus PA Displays

Profibus-PA Cable
in bulk

Profibus-PA I/O Stations

Profibus-PA IP67
Junction Boxes

Profibus-PA IP20
Junction Boxes


Profibus-PA Bus Tees

Profibus-PA 7/8" Cordsets
Cables (any length)
with Pre-Moulded Connectors


Profibus-PA M12 Cordsets
Cables (any length)
with Pre-Moulded Connectors

Field-Wireable Tees

Profibus-PA 7/8" Bus
Connectors Field-wireable

Profibus-PA M12 Bus Connectors

Profibus-PA Terminating Resistors

Profibus-PA Surge Suppressors

Profibus-PA Gender Changers & Corners