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Rotation Input Barrier

Frequency Input from Sensor

These barriers provide a very simple method of measuring and providing a speed control signal for a rotating machine or motor. An I.S. inductive proximity sensor is used to pick up the rotating part.

 The sensor provides the input to the barrier, which can be set for underspeed or overspeed detection giving a relay output for trip or other control. It also provides a 0/4-20mA output for use as a control signal to say, an inverter speed control unit or simply to display the speed in a control room panel display or locally on a field-mounted digital display.

The barrier shown here also has its own digital display which is very convenient for many commissioning and re-start situations .

Rotational speed monitor

Selectable line monitoring for wire-break/short-circuit (ON/OFF mode)

Galvanic isolation of input circuits, output circuits and supply voltage

Rotation speed monitoring for over/underspeed and window function

Operating range 0.06600000/min

Activation of sensors acc. to EN60947-5-6 (NAMUR)

Connection of 3-wire sensors and external voltage supply 5 30VDC

2 relay and 1 transistor outputs

Pulse divider

Current output 0/420 mA reversible

Intrinsically safe pulse output

Analog output adjustable with faults in the input circuit

FDT/DTM with diagnostic function


Ring buffer for storing of the measured values

Removable terminal blocks

Universal operating voltage (20250VAC/ 20125VDC)

Galvanic isolation of input circuits to output circuits and supply voltage

IM Series Type Data Sheet Atex Cert Instructions

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