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Fieldbus Multibarrier


MBD48-T415/Ex   for   PROFIBUS-PA                  Datasheet download :

MBD49-T415/Ex    for   Foundation Fieldbus       Datasheet download :

For full application information and specifications, click on the link to User Manual below.

User Manual download : 

Atex Cert download : 


The Multibarrier enables connection of an increased number of field devices to a fieldbus compliant with transmission physics according to IEC 61158-2, either in the explosion hazardous or the safe area.  The specific transmission technology applies both to FOUNDATION™ fieldbus and to PROFIBUS-PA.

Depending on the type of fieldbus model, (see USER MANUAL) only a limited number of field devices per segment can be operated via an intrinsically safe fieldbus (in practice quite often not more than 10 field devices).
When using the multibarrier, this limited number can be increased to 32 field devices. The increased number of connectable nodes is achieved by an “EEx e” rated fieldbus supply, which can be fed through from multibarrier to multibarrier (see Fig. 3.1). The outputs of the multibarrier are intrinsically safe.

Due to the galvanic isolation between the trunk line and the outputs, and between the individual outputs, compensating currents and potential transfer are prevented.




Multibarrier Application Examples

Profibus-PA Fieldbus

Foundation fieldbus

Foundation Fieldbus
+ Power Conditioner

Foundation Fieldbus or Profibus-PA