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Digital Output Barriers

Used to send I.S. power from the safe area
to an I.S. device in the hazardous area (e.g. a solenoid valve )

These barriers are used to provide power for intrinsically safe devices in the hazardous area, the most common device being an intrinsically safe solenoid valve. They are also used to power I.S. Beacons,  I.S. Alarm Sounders,  LED lamps.  Care must be exercised in ensuring that the power supplied by these barriers does not exceed the maximum safety values permissible for the field device. These values are shown on the certificate accompanying the field device and the safety values for the barriers are shown on the barrier certificate which can be accessed by clicking the links below. These barriers often transfer the digital output from a PLC or DCS system to the hazardous area for I.S. Solenoid Valves,  I.S. Indicating Lamps,  I.S. Sounders  or  I.S. Flashing Alarm Beacons  all of which can be seen by clicking the links.

All devices shown are certified: Ex II (1) GD [EEx ia] IIC/IIB

SIL3 according to IEC61508

IM Series Type Channels Input Volts Output  Data Sheet Links Atex Cert Links Instructions


19-30Vdc 45mA(max),
 24 or 15Vdc


19-30Vdc 45mA(max),
24 or 15Vdc

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