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DNet Bulk Cable
DNet JBs IP67
DNet JBs IP20
DNet FW Connect
DN CSets M8 1End
DN CSets M8 2End
DN CSets M12 1End
DN CSets M12 2End
DN CSets 7/8 1End
DN CSets 7/8 2End
DN DiagnosticConn
DN Bus Tees
DNet Receptacles
DN Couplers
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DN Term Resistor






DeviceNet J/Bs IP20 - I/O Blocks

These Junction Boxes, or I/O Blocks as they are also known, enable a high density of I/O be added to a DeviceNet bus within an enclosure. All these devices have screw terminals and in some models the terminals are removable.

I/O terminals are along the bottom of the units and the bus connections are either on the top terminals or by M12 connector.

Type Inputs Outputs Notes ASi Bus Connection Terminals (F=Fixed, R=Removable) Drawing
FDN20-4S-4XSG 8 4 4 Configurable I/O Terminals F 1
FDN20-4S-4XSG/C1261 8 4 4 Configurable I/O Terminals R 2
FDN20-4S-4XSG-E 4 4 4 Configurable I/O M12 F 3
FDN20-4S-4XSG-E/C1261 4 0 4 Configurable I/O M12 R 4
FDN20-16S 16 0 N/A Terminals F 5
FDN20-16XSG 16 16 16 Configurable I/O Terminals F 5
FDN20-4DR 4 16 Outputs: 12 Relay 4 Voltage Terminals F 5
FDN20-16SN-16XSG 32 16 In: 16,  Out: 16 Configurable Terminals F 6
FDN20-32SN 32 0 PNP/NPN Configurable In Terminals F 6

DeviceNet™ Passive Junction Boxes IP67  -   I/O Blocks

These passive junction boxes offer a clean solution to multiple drops from the main DeviceNet Bus within an enclosure or control cabinet. All terminals are screw-type in individually removable blocks. The aluminium  housing is rail-mounting. A terminating resistor is also available, part number JRBS-57TR.

Type No of Drops Voltage
Protection Drawing
JRBS-57-8 8 No Aluminium IP20 7
JRBS-57VM-8 8 Yes Aluminium IP20 7
JRBS-57-6 6 No Aluminium IP20 8
JRBS-57VM-6 6 Yes Aluminium IP20 8
JRBS-57-4 4 No Aluminium IP20 9
JRBS-57VM-4 4 Yes Aluminium IP20 9



Dimensions Drawings

Inches (Millimetres)


           1: Fixed Terminals, Bus Wired to Terminals             2:  Removable Terminals, Bus Wired to Terminals


      3: Fixed Terminals, Bus with M12 Connector             4: Removable Terminals, Bus with M12 Connector

5:  16 Channel I/O Block                                    6: 32 Channel I/O Block


7: Passive J/B with Bus In/ Bus Out and 8 Drops

8: Passive J/B with Bus In/ Bus Out and 6 Drops


9: Passive J/B with Bus In/ Bus Out and 4 Drops