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DeviceNet™ M8 Cordsets

Connector on One End Only

As seen on our DeviceNet Bulk Cable page, there are over 20 types of DeviceNet cable. When combined with M8, M12 and 7/8" connectors and receptacles, the result is quite a large range of cordsets. However, M8 connectors restict the use to only Thin Pico cables. Here we list the standard versions of Pico M8 cordsets in standard lengths. Other lengths are available to order.   

For Stainless Steel Coupling Nuts change:
PKG 5M to PKGV 5M, PKW 5M to PKWV 5M, PSG 5M to PSGV 5M and PSW 5M to PSWV 5M                   

Typical DeviceNet Cable            

M8  Connector Dimensions in Inches (millimetres)


         PKG 5M Female Straight                             PKW 5M  Female Right-Angled   



              PSG 5M    Male Straight                    PSW 5M    Male Right-Angled         

Meaning of Type Codes

DeviceNet Pico M8 Cordsets with Connector on One End
Cable Type 5724 Cable Type 5715 Gender Connector Style ST=Straight  RA=Right-Angled Cable Length
Power Pair+ Data Pair Power Pair+ Data Pair
2x0.20+2x0.20 2x0.20+2x0.20
PKG 5M-5724-1M PKG 5M-5715-1M Female ST 1
PKG 5M-5724-2M PKG 5M-5715-2M Female ST 2
PKG 5M-5724-4M PKG 5M-5715-4M Female ST 4
PKG 5M-5724-6M PKG 5M-5715-6M Female ST 6
PKG 5M-5724-8M PKG 5M-5715-8M Female ST 8
PKG 5M-5724-10M PKG 5M-5715-10M Female ST 10
PKG 5M-5724-15M PKG 5M-5715-15M Female ST 15
PKW 5M-5724-1M PKW 5M-5715-1M Female RA 1
PKW 5M-5724-2M PKW 5M-5715-2M Female RA 2
PKW 5M-5724-4M PKW 5M-5715-4M Female RA 4
PKW 5M-5724-6M PKW 5M-5715-6M Female RA 6
PKW 5M-5724-8M PKW 5M-5715-8M Female RA 8
PKW 5M-5724-10M PKW 5M-5715-10M Female RA 10
PKW 5M-5724-15M PKW 5M-5715-15M Female RA 15
PSG 5M-5724-1M PSG 5M-5715-1M Male ST 1
PSG 5M-5724-2M PSG 5M-5715-2M Male ST 2
PSG 5M-5724-4M PSG 5M-5715-4M Male ST 4
PSG 5M-5724-6M PSG 5M-5715-6M Male ST 6
PSG 5M-5724-8M PSG 5M-5715-8M Male ST 8
PSG 5M-5724-10M PSG 5M-5715-10M Male ST 10
PSG 5M-5724-15M PSG 5M-5715-15M Male ST 15
PSW 5M-5724-1M PSW 5M-5715-1M Male ST 1
PSW 5M-5724-2M PSW 5M-5715-2M Male RA 2
PSW 5M-5724-4M PSW 5M-5715-4M Male RA 4
PSW 5M-5724-6M PSW 5M-5715-6M Male RA 6
PSW 5M-5724-8M PSW 5M-5715-8M Male RA 8
PSW 5M-5724-10M PSW 5M-5715-10M Male RA 10
PSW 5M-5724-15M PSW 5M-5715-15M Male RA 15