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DNet Bulk Cable
DNet JBs IP67
DNet JBs IP20
DNet FW Connect
DN CSets M8 1End
DN CSets M8 2End
DN CSets M12 1End
DN CSets M12 2End
DN CSets 7/8 1End
DN CSets 7/8 2End
DN DiagnosticConn
DN Bus Tees
DNet Receptacles
DN Couplers
DN ConduitAdapt
DN Term Resistor






DeviceNet™ Terminating Resistors

Bus cables should be terminated at both ends with a Terminating Resistor to avoid signal reflection. These Bus Terminating Resistors are specifically designed for DeviceNet. They are available in 7/8", M12 and M8 in 316 stainless steel or nickel plated brass. They are 5 pole, IP67, and available with male or female connectors. Models are available with voltage monitoring which features and led indicator that shows green for ok and red for reverse polarity.

DeviceNet Bus Terminating Resistors
(S/S denotes 316 Stainless Steel, NiPlBr denotes Nickel Plated Brass)
Type (316 S/Steel) Type (NiPlBr) External Connector Size Gender Notes Drawing Pinouts
RSMV 57-TR2 RSM 57-TR2 7/8" Male 120 Ohms, 0.5W    
RKMV 57-TR2 RKM 57-TR2 7/8" Female 120 Ohms, 0.5W    
RSMV 57-TR2/VM RSM 57-TR2/M 7/8" Male 120 Ohms, 0.5W
Voltage Monitoring
RSEV 57-TR2 RSE 57-TR2 M12 Male 120 Ohms, 0.5W    
RKEV 57-TR2 RKE 57-TR2 M12 Female 120 Ohms, 0.5W    
RSEV 57-TR2/VM RSE 57-TR2/M M12 Male 120 Ohms, 0.5W
Voltage Monitoring
PSGMV 5M 57-TR PSGM 5M 57-TR M8 Male 120 Ohms, 0.5W    
PKGMV 5M 57-TR PKGM 5M 57-TR M8 Female 120 Ohms, 0.5W