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DNet Bulk Cable
DNet JBs IP67
DNet JBs IP20
DNet FW Connect
DN CSets M8 1End
DN CSets M8 2End
DN CSets M12 1End
DN CSets M12 2End
DN CSets 7/8 1End
DN CSets 7/8 2End
DN DiagnosticConn
DN Bus Tees
DNet Receptacles
DN Couplers
DN ConduitAdapt
DN Term Resistor






DeviceNet Receptacles /Bulkheads

These receptacles allow installation of a connector to the external surface of an enclosure. They are best suited to enclosures where terminals are close to the connector, unless extended cable tails are ordered. The standard cable tails supplied are 0.5m long. All are 5 core. They are available in male or female to suit 7/8" and M12 connectors. Receptacles with 1/2"=14NPT, 1/2"-14NPSM, 3/4"-14NPT entry sizes and Solder Cup Receptacles are also available. The housing material of the connectors is 316 stainless steel or nickel plated brass.

DeviceNet Receptacles/Bulkhead Connectors
Type External Connector Size Gender Bulkhead Thread Material Drawing
RKF57-0.5M/M20 7/8" Female M20 Nickel Plated Brass 1
RSF57-0.5M/M20 7/8" Male M20 Nickel Plated Brass 2
RKFV57-0.5M/M20 7/8" Female M20 316 Stainless Steel 1
RSFV57-0.5M/M20 7/8" Male M20 316 Stainless Steel 2
FK57-0.5M/M20 M12 Female M20 Nickel Plated Brass 3
FS57-0.5M/M20 M12 Male M20 Nickel Plated Brass 4
FKV57-0.5M/M20 M12 Female M20 316 Stainless Steel 3
FSV57-0.5M/M20 M12 Male M20 316 Stainless Steel 4
To include a lock nut please add W/LN to part number

PINOUTS:                    M12 (Eurofast)                                  7/8" (Minifast)                          


Dimensions Drawings

Inches (millimetres)


1: RKF 57 and RKFV 57 (Female)                      2: RSF 57 and RSFV 57 (Male)



3:  FK 57 and FKV 57 (Female)                       4: FS 57 and FSV 57  (Male)