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P4 AREA Models

P4 AREA models are used where the inspection requires checking area(s) for missing or additional features.

The P4 AREA and the P4 AREA 1.3 are other members of the P4 family. These sensors look for object features without knowing their exact shape or location.

Applications include counting the holes in a stamped plate, verify if all nuts, bolts and clips are installed on an assembly, foreign object detection in containers, counting pills, coating verification, identify chipped glass bottles in filling application, monitor uneven browning in baking applications, verify the correction operation of indicator lights and finding the centre of an object for a vision-guided robot.

The standard resolution P4 AREA sensor provides a high-speed operation. The P4 AREA 1.3 gives megapixel resolution for inspection of large surfaces.


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Application Example:

Checking if Hole-Punching has been completed