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P4 EDGE Models

EDGE models are used where the inspection involves examination of an edge or line on a product which needs to be in a particular position.

10,000 objects per minute!
The P4 EDGE can accurately sense and evaluate more than 10.000 objects per minute, making it ideal for a broad range of high-speed applications in the packaging, pharmaceutical, bottling, metal stamping, automotive and semiconductor industries.
Applications include validation of height and width of parts, location of labels, rejecting incorrect parts before assembly and detection of edges on a continuous web

Precision for high-throughput applications.
The P4 EDGE 1.3 makes highly detailed automated error proofing and inspections possible by using a 1280 x 1024 pixel imager (1.310.720 pixels). It detects subtle differences in target dimensions at very fast throughput rates.
High speed and high resolution make it ideal for precision inspections, like measuring stamped metal parts as well as validating the location of objects such as labels or components of an assembly.

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Application Example 1:
Verify that the syringe is assembled correctly. The vision sensor must check
for the presence of a cannula (needle) and verifies that it is straight. The
vision sensor also must measure the epoxy glue for over- or under-fill. The
required inspection speed is 1500 inspections per minute.

The Presence PLUS P4 EDGE first locates the cannula as a reference point. Then,
an Edge tool finds the cannula and measures its angle. A series of Object tools then
are used to measure the widths of the dried epoxy to verify the proper amount was
applied. If any of these inspections fail, the Presence PLUS P4 EDGE signals the
assembly machine to remove the syringe. The total inspection time is under 20 ms
(3000 inspections per minute), double the speed required for the inspection.

The Presence PLUS P4 EDGE uses Object tools to measure the
width of the epoxy glue. When the widths are too small, the
inspection fails. An Edge tool is used to find the location of the


Application Example 2:

Verify the presence and correct position of the stopper on an
unfixtured glass vial (so that the stopper provides a proper
seal), and to verify that the product is at the proper fill level.

The Presence PLUS® P4 EDGE verifies that the stopper is correctly positioned on the
vial, and that the product fill level is correct. If the stopper is incorrectly positioned
or if the vial is underfilled, a Fail output is sent from the Vision Sensor to the filler machine.

The Locate tool locates the neck of the bottle. The two Object tools measure the
gap between the top of the vial’s rim and the bottom of the stopper. An Edge tool
finds the height of the product in the vial. Output parameters are set based on the
length of this gap spacing and the height of the product.