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Vision Sensors

P4 OMNI Models

OMNI models are used where the inspection requires a variety of different inspections e.g. Edge and Pattern and Distance Measurement

The Presence PLUS P4 OMNI includes all the P4 vision tools in a single sensor: Locate, Geometric Find, Edge, Object, Blob, Average Greyscale, Geometric Count and Measure.

The P4 OMNI has a 640 x 480 CCD imager. The P4 OMNI 1.3 has a 1280 x1024 CMOS imager and allows inspecting of larger areas in great detail. The P4 OMNI performs inspections up to 2000 parts per minute. Discrete I/O, Ethernet/IP, Modbus/TCP and RS-232 serial communication makes it a very versatile sensor.

Like the other P4 sensors, the OMNI has a Graphical User Interface; namely, a single PC program configures all Banner vision sensors and features Quick TEACH for rapid sensor set-up.

Typical applications are:
Presence/absence sensing of features, assembly completion, sorting, orientation, counting and other inspections that require flexible positioning.

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