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Profibus PA Field Display for 8 Variables

Type: BA684DF-P

4 Operator Pushbuttons

6 Optional Local Alarm Outputs

High Contrast Display with Backlight

IP66 Field Mounting GRP Enclosure

The BA684DF-P Fieldbus Display is a general purpose instrument that can display up to eight fieldbus process variables. Eleven selectable standard screen formats contain one, two, three, four or eight variables, with units of measurement, tag descriptions and bargraphs on some screens.

Powered by the fieldbus the BA684DF-P only requires a 2-wire connection, no additional power supply is required. The high contrast 86 x 45mm liquid crystal display incorporates a green backlight enabling the display to be read in all lighting conditions from full sunlight to total darkness.

Simple commissioning results from the use of standard display formats. Apart from loading the BA684DF-P configuration files onto the system host and selecting the fieldbus variables to be displayed, no programming is required. Configuration of the BA684DF-P Fieldbus Display is performed via the fieldbus and the instrument front panel push buttons; simple menus enable the required standard display format to be selected and the units of measurement and tag information for each variable to be entered.

Six optional local alarm outputs may be linked to any of the displayed variables. Each isolated single pole solid state output may be conditioned as a combined high and low alarm, or as just a high or low alarm. Each output can switch any low power load such as a sounder, lamp or solenoid valve. Alarm configuration and the alarm set point adjustment is performed

via the BA684DF-P front panel push buttons, as the local alarms are not accessible from the fieldbus system host.

BA684DF-P applications vary from a simple single variable display using a standard format, to providing an operator interface with a custom display and control inputs via external buttons.

The four push buttons on the front of the instrument may be used for returning operator acknowledgments or controls to the fieldbus host. If larger industrial switches are required for these operator controls, up to six external push buttons may be connected to the BA684DF-P. When the external switches are activated, the front panel push buttons may be disabled or operated in parallel with the external switches.

Comprehensive documentation includes a PROFIBUS Interface Guide.

For panel mounting applications see the BA688CF-P datasheet. This instrument has a similar electrical specification but is housed in a 144 x 72 panel mounting enclosure.

If flammable atmospheres are present the intrinsically safe BA484DF-P fieldbus display should be used.

Type 120 x 64 pixel liquid crystal; Size 86.5mm x 45mm; Backlight Powered from fieldbus

Standard format 1, 2, 3, 4 or 8 variables plus bargraph can include: units of measurement, tag information

Front panel Four push buttons scroll the indicator display between screens when the BA684DF-P is configured to display more variables than fit onto a single screen. Also used to configure optional local alarms and may be used to return operator inputs to the system host.

External switches
Control may be transferred to six external switches; front panel buttons may be inhibited or operated in parallel. Switch cable Length 5m max

Fieldbus communication
Voltage 9 to 32V, Current 25mA, Compliant with IEC61158-2 31.25kbits/s Voltage Mode


Function blocks
PROFIBUS PA 8 x AO (Analogue Output), 6 x DI (Digital Input)

Please specify if Alarms, Tag Strip, Tag Plate or Pipe Mounting Kit BA392D/BA393 are required when ordering


Dimensions Drawing


Wiring Diagram