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Profibus PA Field Display, 3 Channel

Type: FD-48-T317/EX      Ident No: 6901315

The 3-channel digital indicator FD-48-T317/ EX displays the process information of the fieldbus nodes of a PROFIBUS-PA network.

The device (listener) receives and displays in 5 LCD digits the values of the adjusted fieldbus addresses. Parameterization is code word protected and implemented via a keypad on the front. Adjustments can be done for each port separately. The process value of the actuator/sensor is displayed as a 5-digit number and the process value status is displayed via limit value markers.  Apart from a measuring value indicator, the display contains a 41-segment bargraph for trend monitoring, which can be scaled separately from the display value.

The FD-48-T317/EX performs as a "listener", i.e. initialization by the host is not required (integration via software redundant) and does not appear in the network as a node with an own address. The device is supplied with power by the fieldbus (< 10 mA) and can be used in Ex areas up to temperatures of the class T6.


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