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Profibus PA Intrinsically Safe Panel Indicator for 8 Variables

Type   BA448CF-P

Intrinsically Safe ATEX, FM, INMETRO, IECEx

Large 5 Digit Display with Bargraph

Displays up to 8 Variables

Selectable Node or Listener Mode

IP66 Front Panel

The BA448CF-P PROFIBUS Indicator is an intrinsically safe instrument that can display up to eight fieldbus process variables within a hazardous area. A numeric annunciator on the left hand side of the screen shows which variable is being displayed. This version of the indicator supports PROFIBUS PA protocol; for FOUNDATION™ fieldbus systems an alternative version is available - please see BA448CF-F FOUNDATION™ fieldbus datasheet.

Configuration as a fieldbus Node or Listener using the indicator’s front panel push buttons allows the instrument to be tailored to suit local requirements. When configured as a Listener the BA448CF-P is not visible to the fieldbus host; may not be subject to a Node Licence Fee and is configured and controlled via the instrument’s front panel push buttons.

As a fieldbus Node, the indicator is configured by the fieldbus host and the displayed variable is selected from the eight pre-configured variables using the indicator’s front panel up and down buttons.

Powered by the fieldbus the BA448CF-P only requires a 2-wire connection to the fieldbus segment, no additional power supply is required. Compatibility with most PROFIBUS hosts is assured by the use of eight Analogue Output and six Digital Input function blocks.

The liquid crystal display has large 20mm high digits providing maximum contrast and a wide viewing angle, allowing the BA448CF-P PROFIBUS indicator to be read easily in most lighting conditions. The five digits, with four decimal points and a negative sign, may be configured to display any variable between -99999 and 99999. The 31 segment bargraph, which provides a bold analogue indication of the fieldbus variable, may be conditioned to any starting or finishing values within the fieldbus variable’s range.

The instrument front panel provides IP66 protection and a neoprene gasket seals the

joint between the fieldbus indicator and the panel, making it suitable for use in areas that will be cleaned with a hose. To simplify installation and maintenance, the indicator has a removable terminal block that allows panel wiring to be completed before the BA448CF-P indicator is installed.

ATEX intrinsic safety certification allows the BA448CF-P to be installed in all gas hazardous areas. The two fieldbus terminals comply with the Fieldbus Intrinsic Safety Concept (FISCO) simplifying system design and documentation. Separate Ex ia and Ex ic entity input safety parameters also allow connection to most non-FISCO intrinsically safe systems. A BA448CF-P indicator may therefore be connected to almost any intrinsically safe fieldbus segment, provided the segment can supply 13mA to power the instrument.

FM, cFM and IECEx approvals allow installation in the USA, Canada plus the growing number of countries accepting IECEx certificates. All approvals incorporate FISCO certification.

Operator acknowledgements may be returned to the fieldbus host when the BA448CF-P is configured as a fieldbus Node. Six Digital Input function blocks in the indicator which are supported by most Profibus hosts enable the status of the front panel push buttons to be read.

A Comprehensive PROFIBUS interface guide contains commissioning information for the BA448CF-P. Copies may be requested from the BEKA sales office or downloaded from www.beka.co.uk

Units of measurement can be marked onto the display escutcheon prior to despatch and the tag number or application thermally printed onto the rear panel adjacent to the terminals.

For field mounting applications see the BA444DF-P PROFIBUS datasheet. This instrument has a similar electrical specification but is housed in an IP66 field mounting enclosure.

Type Liquid crystal, 5 digit 20mm high, (-99999 to 99999), 31 segment bargraph


Fieldbus communication
Voltage 9 to 32V (Limited by intrinsic safety parameters), Current 13mA
Compliant with IEC61158-2 31.25kbits/s Voltage Mode Clauses 11 and 22

PROFIBUS PA, Profibus User Approval certificate Z01505 Organisation.

Fieldbus Node or Listener selected via front panel push buttons.

Function blocks
Profibus PA node: 8 x AO; 6 x DI
Listener: Captures date in DS-33 format


Dimensions Drawing


Wiring Diagram