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Inductive Sensors

By eliminating the traditional ferrite core, Uprox+ Sensors offer many advantages over the old design. One of the primary advantages is Factor 1 sensing i.e. the ability to sense all metals equally: materials such as iron, stainless steel, copper, aluminium and brass. Ferrite core sensors are rated by their ability to sense a mild steel target but suffer huge loss of sensitivity (Reduction Factor) when detecting other metals. (See Reduction Factors).

This concept also offers extraordinarily high switching distances, some 250% higher than that of conventional inductive sensors.

Another advantage with Uprox+ is an increased switching speed, making them an ideal choice for applications such as rotational speed monitoring.

As Uprox+ sensors do not have a ferrite core, they are not susceptible to strong magnetic fields that occur in electric welding processes. This inherent protection makes them ideal for automated welding production lines.

Uprox+ affords a high level of EMC protection as not only do they fulfil the present standard EN50082-2 but also exceed the strict requirements of EN61000-4-6 that will become the proximity switch standard from 2007 onwards.

All Uprox+ sensors have an environmental rating of IP 68 and provide an extended temperature range.

Conventional non-flush sensors are very sensitive to metal surfaces around the sensor body which can render the sensor unusable. The Uprox+ non-flush sensors provide unique flexibility due to the integrated pre-damping protection function. Non-flush Uprox+ sensors may be embedded in metal up to the upper edge of the thread with no more than a 20% reduction in switching distance. Try this with a standard sensor and it just stays ON.

Uprox+, reduces the need for costly ‘specials’ meaning less inventory cost for spares.